YUMMY v2 Token Migration

Hey Yummy Community,

The first migration step to Yummy V2 is now concluded.

If you are still a Yummy V1 holder you can easily convert to V2 by simply sending your V1 to this address:

You need to send all your V1 tokens to


You will receive Yummy V2 tokens within 12-24 hrs.

DO NOT send YummyMig tokens to this address! If you have YummyMig tokens, go to https://www.yummyupgrade.com/claim to claim your Yummy V2.

Please note that Yummy V1 bought after Sept 19th 4:30pm EDT (20:30 UTC) is NOT eligible for conversion to V2.

To determine when you received V2 be sure to add the new contract for Yummy V2 which is available here.